Five Points of Yoga

Swami Vishnudevananda taught an all-natural approach to healing the body and mind that helps bring you into a place of balance, strength and harmony with yourself and the world around you. From this place of authenticity and wholeness, your body can begin to operate at optimum efficiency for optimum health. I have been blessed by the teachings that Swami Vishnudevananda brought to the West, and I look forward to sharing this ancient yet common sense wisdom with you too!  Whether you come to Shanti Vana to work on healing your osteoporosis, or to have a Wellness/Ayurvedic consultation, the Five Points of Yoga will play heavily in paving your way to health and recovery. Come to Shanti Vana to see the effects for yourself! The Five Points of Yoga that can transform your life:

  • Proper EXERCISE
  • Proper DIET
  • Proper BREATHING


Proper Exercise

Yoga asanas/poses are more than just muscular exercise. The postures when taken together stimulate the subtle energetic body as well as building muscular stability and strength. For osteoporosis, focusing on weight bearing exercises, like those found in yoga asanas, specifically help builds bone mass density. Working directly on spinal decompression and range of motion can improve overall mobility while research proves yoga restores collagen tissue in joints and bones, while also stimulating the nervous and endocrine system, which is good for everyone!

Proper Diet

Well balanced, rich in natural building blocks diet provides body with minerals and vitamins supplying most needed elements to construct new bone layers. You don't need drugs, dairy, or even supplements to strengthen your bones, just a well balanced diet rich in Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D! All vegetables at Shanti Vana are grown pesticide free and are imbibed with an abundance of sunshine and TLC. A sample menu could include Ayurvedic Split Mung Dahl to balance ‎Doshas, providing all six tastes required to satisfy body needs and stop cravings. Side dishes of kale with roasted cashew nuts alongside home made Kim Chi delivers the special K2 vitamins you need to make sure that Calcium will end up in your bones not in kidneys, or arteries! For desert dark chocolate mousse with Cacao nibs just loaded in Magnesium. Eat well, eat right, eat delicious! And invest in your health!

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Proper Breathing

One of the great advantages of Shanti Vana is its location in the ROLLING HILLS/FOREST OF ONTARIO??

Free of the city pollution, the fresh air of Shanti Vana reinvigorates your lungs and purifies your soul. This clean air carries a life force or prana that detoxes the lungs and re-vitalizes the organs. Normally our hustle and bustle of daily life prevents these subtle processes from proceeding as they naturally would. Working with Beata, you can learn specific breathing techniques that help lower your heart rate and calm your mind allowing your body to begin its own healing processes.  


Proper Relaxation

Proper relaxation is an extension of proper breathing. By providing a nurturing environment and gently guiding you through a process of deep relaxation called Yoga Nidra, you will find yourself releasing emotions and energetic blocks that you may have been carrying around with you for years.  This type of release further supports your body's natural healing and allows you to walk through the world a bit lighter and more joyful.  

Positive Thinking / Meditation

Positive thinking and meditation help create a focused mind, one that is undisturbed by the fluctuations of day to day scenarios. Through frequent practice, we begin to build an equilibrium of happiness, and good mood supports a healthy immune system which also in turn supports bone growth. Taken altogether these practices are invaluable tool for overall wellbeing and health.  Come to Shanti Vana soon to see the effects for yourself.