Yoga Therapy Sessions 

Beata works with individuals and groups in person, online, and via Skype. Personal retreats in Shanti Vana are the most popular way begin your journey to better health. The Wellness Consultation will begin with in-depth discussion of Ayurveda designed to determine your unique physical and mental constitution. Once determined, it will become part of the holistic and personalized strategy Beata will personalize and design specifically for you. Her strategy is all encompassing, and will combine nutrition, yoga, and relaxation as well as possibly utilizing her BEST Assessment if needed to help better understand your physical condition. Beata will look deeply into your life to understand your needs and in turn, she will help you design a program that helps you to take control of your life and create more balance, health, and happiness along the way. In addition to looking at diet, lifestyle, and focusing on the Five Points of Yoga, colours, gems, and aromatic oils are also used to aid in constitutional balance. With discipline and support, you can take control of your health. Multiple sessions are recommended in order to progress step-by-step through the healing process. 

Ayurveda Consultation and/or Yoga Therapy Sessions 

One-on-one we determine your Ayurvedic constitution, discuss lifestyle, diet, and exercise patterns to see what may be holding you back from having a more balanced life and feeling more content and spiritually connected to the depths of your being. The topic may be about the obstacles to your yoga practice, about your physical health, about relationships, and most of all you and your unfulfilled needs. If you know what you would like to discuss you may choose the topic, or we work organically to see what may come up. Some consultations may occur remotely, but a visit to Shanti Vana is always preferred, so that you can connect directly with Beata and share in her meals, meditation spaces, and years of counseling experience. 

Schedule your consultation with Beata. 

Shanti Vana Retreats

The best way to experience Beata's nurturing guidance is to visit Shanti Vana yourself. This seemingly small gift to yourself can be the catalyst to jumpstart your own personal transformation, healing, and growth. This completely immersive experience treats the body, mind, and spirit together with the 5 Points of Yoga, skillful application of Ayurvedic Therapies, and individualized Yoga therapy. Schedule your retreat today!

Individualized Follow-up Programs

Regular one-on-one counseling is also available over the phone or through Skype for existing clients. This is generally recommended for those who want to ensure they take their Shanti Vana experience home with them, making sure that they continue to grow and develop under the experienced care and support of a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor and Yoga Therapist. These consultations and follow-ups are available over the phone or Skype, and can be an important part of your personal development.